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juillet 29, 2022

What to Think About When It Comes to Your Summer Wine List!

As temperatures have ramped up across the nation, so, too, has consumer demand for cooling, fresh, and delicious refreshments! Trialling new wine by the glass offerings should be one of many ideas that spring to mind when looking to renovate your drinks menus & draw in the summer crowds. These are fantastic opportunities that we have explored many times before in our blog series and the proof really is in the pudding, so all power to you! Today’s blog is a little different, however, as we turn to other means and methods to draw success from your summer wine service.

Before driving off into the sunset with tantalising ideas for your bar and wine menu, it’s probably best we address a few elephants in the room to remedy any obstacles you may see ahead. We are of course referring to inflation and the cost of living, staff shortages across the sector, as well as the usual shifts and demands that come with any change of season. With these in mind, we have devised a trio of ideas focused on being easy to implement with minimal intervention or staff time.

We will explore a variety of simple, effortless, and immediate actions you can enforce as early as today to give your customers the confidence and freedom to revel in the delights of your summer wine service & by the glass offers.


Accessible and affordable – More by the glass

Having something new and interesting by the glass allows your customers to strike the balance between spend and enjoyment, rather than you, the venue, missing out on the spend entirely if budgets are constrained this summer.

An interesting wine by the glass list allows people to return, buy, and enjoy themselves at your venue, at a price point they are comfortable
with. It also means they do not have to sacrifice on luxury as the cost of premium wine & Champagnes also becomes a lot more accessible when offered by the glass. In turn, this can and will lead to an increase in bottle sales over time as customers discover more premium or unique options they would not have bought by the bottle without having a glass first.

In truth, opening up your by the glass offerings and creating a much more dynamic & diverse selection for your visitors is an incredibly easy way to curb and manoeuvre the impact of inflation.

Despite the current inflation concerns, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that consumers are still eager and willing to spend, especially in the likes of the On Premise. 29% reveal they plan to spend more in pubs, bars, and restaurants over the next year while a staggering 78% foresee themselves dining out the same as or more often over the next 12 months as they did in previous years. So, what does this mean for you? Customers may be feeling the financial pinch, but they absolutely still want to enjoy and indulge! Start with something as alluring and simple as your wine list; making your offers accessible and affordable is key.

P.S: If the thought of expansion triggers any fears surrounding wastage, just keep reading – we have a solution for that!


Summer heat, summer drinks!

Turning to the trends and demands sweeping the sector at the moment, following the success of Champagne in 2021 – the region sold more than 322 million bottles in 2021, a 20 per cent increase from the previous year – this summer is bearing witness to the rebirth of summer rosé and sparklers!

For starters, rosé is a serious summer category of wine that we simply cannot glance over in the midst of any year let alone this one: 2022 is the year of great rosé wine, drunk whenever you feel the need for it!

Apart from serving your delectable rosé offers by the glass, diversify this crowd pleaser with a little bit of spice and creativity! Why not try your hand at a rosé sangria or a rosé spritzer? Pop the cork and add some fizz to create a sparkling rosé margarita. No matter how you dress it up, or play it straight, think pink this summer and delight your customers with a variety of by the glass offers.

Speaking of pink, producers have reported a “stronger than expected” performance for rosé Prosecco (or pink Prosecco) this summer, a drink that took the UK market by storm in 2020, selling more than 113 million bottles in its first year! This blushing bubbly is ideal for summer wine lovers as it is light, fruity, contains subtle berry and floral notes, not to mention, every glass emits a gorgeous delicate pink colour…how much more magic and excitement can you give your customers? Also, much like its beloved cousin above, you can offer the pink fizz on its own or in cocktail format such as a pink gin Prosecco cocktail or a pink lemonade mimosa. The possibilities and flavour combinations are truly endless meaning your menu can adhere to any palette and preference.


Work smarter, not harder

In the current wave of consumer return and revival – 78% of Brits are presently still spending in bars, pubs and clubs – their excitement and eagerness is massively driving heightened demand across the sector. With this in mind, regardless of your in-house horsepower, keep your staff earning and serving by drawing on the support of equipment and technology. It’s impressive how investing in systems that both supports the team and makes serving processes more efficient can drive & propel business in the right direction.

How can caring for your wines result in higher levels of productivity? First and foremost, if the concept of a wine & Champagne preservation system is new, foreign territory to you or if you are unsure as to why you should use one in the first place, head on over to this blog before proceeding. Essentially, once a bottle of wine has been opened, you and your teams want to do everything in your power to look after and preserve the longevity of its freshness (i.e. shelf life). Enter preservation system. But, even the type and the level of preservation system has a role to play in efficiency and revenue.

Don’t let your team run around aimlessly, in search of the correct device or waiting on slow preservation systems that can take up to a minute to pour a single glass! Time is money when it comes to a profitable wine service. Your venue needs to leverage an easy-to-use, low running costs & maintenance bit of kit; no fuss, fast-paced, and on-the-go. There really is only one true choice for guaranteed professional wine & Champagne preservation…

Bermar’s preservation systems are specifically designed to turbocharge your wine by the glass offering by extending the freshness & longevity of your bottles for 3 whole weeks after opening. Our ultra-reliable, ultra-fast, easy-to-use systems are the world’s only ‘dual’ preservation devices, meaning you can reseal an unlimited selection of still & sparkling wines in just 1 to 5 seconds – with one, single system. Not to mention, with perfect preservation for up to 21 days, you can eliminate the worry of having to pour anything down the drain due to it being spoiled. See, we didn’t forget, we told you we would get back to this topic. Long gone are the days of disheartening wastage and needing to pour precious wine down the kitchen sink; instead, you can offer and promote a much more ethical and sustainable service with Bermar.



Reclaim your summer service 

In truth, while the hospitality sector tackles various turbulent interferences and obstacles, you, your staff, and your venue can overcome some of these challenges in just a few, simple, easy steps:

  • Offer a selection of wine & Champagnes by the glass to help curb the impact of inflation. This will allow your customers to still indulge and enjoy themselves at a price point they are happy and comfortable with.
  • Despite the hardships, consumers are still eager to wine and dine so be sure to cater to your summer crowds with something new, different, and interesting. Whether it be your wine by the glass menu, rosé, pink Prosecco, iced wine, or something else, entice and delight with a glass of something fresh and delicious.
  • Make your staff and resources work smarter, not harder! Having an easy, low running cost and maintenance kit will save you time & stress, giving you more time to focus on profits, growth, and that which truly matters: customer experience!

Amplify your summer wine service with Bermar and reap the benefits of a professional wine & Champagne preservation system. Visit and learn more today!