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novembre 16, 2022

Step up your FIFA World Cup 2022 Wine Game! 

FIFA World Cup and wine


As the Fifa World Cup kicks off this Sunday, you and your staff can anticipate a guaranteed surge in two dominant areas: the number of eyes glued to your venue’s television screens, as well as a surplus in profits earned from drinks sales. While most businesses envision devoted fans and passionate viewers enjoying the matches with a pint of beer to hand, there is a strong argument to be made in favour of another drink of choice… wine!


Firstly, why should I consider wine?

Earlier this year, YouGov reported that over a third of British consumers (36%) drink wine most often, which is a huge testament pointing to wine as the UK’s [continued] favourite alcoholic drink. The study also reports that only 29% of the public drink beer, while a mere 20% opt for spirits when ordering in the On Premise. Quite obvious, then, is the consumer’s heightened appetite and desire to take pleasure in the world of wine – a luxury that we believe is no exception to sporting events and fixtures!

With this in mind, let’s consider a variety of ways you can promote and heighten your wine service this World Cup – starting with (of course) the easiest and most obvious: serving by the glass! In this article, we will look at a variety of ways you can utilise & unlock your wine list’s hidden potential, score maximum satisfaction with your customers, and deliver fresh, delicious enjoyment with each and every score…erm, pour. 


… During the World Cup?

Much like every other major sporting event, this year’s World Cup is the perfect opportunity for your venue to increase visitation and, in turn, boost profits. In fact, a consumer survey conducted by DesignMyNight has reported that 76% of respondents intend to watch the World Cup in a hospitality venue this year. Better yet, 57% of those surveyed said they are happy to continue watching and viewing the matches in pubs, bars, and restaurants even if their team is “knocked out”! As a hospitality professional and business operator, it would be absolutely ludicrous (and disadvantageous) to let such amazing sales opportunities slide! 

Consumers are clearly very eager & keen to visit the On Premise during the World Cup and now is just as good a time as any to deliver – starting with one very important element of the viewing experience…drinks orders. So what can you put on offer and promote? 


Themed Offerings Wine flight

With 32 countries participating in this year’s World Cup, there is a plethora of freedom and opportunity when looking to build and diversify your venue’s wine menu…

In celebration of the World Cup, why not serve a handful of limited by the glass offerings inspired by various nations? There are so many incredible varieties, grapes, styles, and flavours for consumers to taste and sample throughout the tournament. You and your staff could offer a range or a flight featuring wines from countries from the same competition, group, or regions of the world! 

Dependent on the matches & which countries are playing, you can alternate or rotate your offerings, especially for loyal customers (and wine lovers) who are likely to spend the entire World Cup in your venue. Serving by the glass will allow them to try a larger selection of still & sparkling wines. It is also much more likely that visitors are willing to go out of their ‘comfort zone’ & sample wines from countries they wouldn’t have otherwise considered or thought about if they aren’t committing themselves to an entire bottle. Not to mention, should they stumble upon a wine they truly fall in love with, they are much more likely to opt for a bottle the next time they visit, resulting in improved & heightened profits for you, the venue. 


In-House Promotions and Offers 

Taking it one step further, your business can definitely tie World Cup related offers, promotions, and discounts into the mix! What is there not to love about a little healthy competition?

Why not run a World Cup of Wine? Have ‘wines of the match’ and allow guests to vote in your venue or via social media (we will speak about social media more later). Or, run a World Cup wine tasting evening, inviting people to travel around the world sampling wines from different qualifying teams! 

Of course, these are just suggestions; you and your teams can get as crazy and wild as you like! Offer discounts or special rewards based on goals, specific players, yellow cards, score predictions…the list goes on. If suitable for you and your venue, loyalty schemes could be a hot commodity; one that would encourage repeated business, consistent visits, and spending. 

The point we are really trying to make is this: don’t miss out on profit this World Cup season, especially when you can utilise your wine list and service to help you get super creative & encourage guests to get involved. 


Social Media Opportunities

Instagram World Cup pollAny excuse to stir up some noise and ramp up your venue’s social media presence…go for it! We have spoken in grave detail about the importance of your wine list and how social media can help you maximise profits… if you are looking for inspiration or ideas, be sure to check them out here! But when it comes to the World Cup, there will undeniably be a handful of trending topics and hashtags to jump on and get involved with… 

Your social media platforms, namely Instagram and Facebook, are powerful tools that can publicise and communicate the deals and promotions on offer at your venue. Try utilising them in some of these ways:

  • Consistently promoting daily matches to increase footfall & let customers know they can enjoy the World Cup in your venue; 
  • Showcasing your incredible wine by the glass offers and promotions. Consider themed by the glass offers or wine flights depending on which countries are playing; 
  • Hosting contests and competitions whereby shares, likes, and comments enter users in a draw for prizes, discounts, offers, etc. 
  • Getting involved and active on local Facebook groups or searching relevant hashtags to reach out to local businesses and spread the word. 

Something also worth noting is that social media can be used to build and create both excitement and momentum. Don’t feel limited to match days or think you have to wait for Sunday to start promoting your World Cup offers… the earlier you build awareness, the better!


The Outcome 

Whatever you choose to serve and promote this year, putting wine at the forefront of your World Cup offers will be an absolute game changer. 

Not only does the world of wine allow you to reach & appeal to a wider audience, it allows you to compete with other venues, and offer unique and interesting experiences beyond the standard ‘pint’. Especially with the likes of wine flights and offering by the glass, the ability to serve guests exactly what they want – or something they wish to explore and discover – is a huge profit booster. 

Unlock your wine list’s hidden potential this World Cup and satisfy consumer demand by offering endless by the glass options that promise fresh, delicious enjoyment with each and every pour! 

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